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How Frequently Will the Dallas Cowboys Use Screens?

Inevitably in any Jets game, I will yell, "No!" as I see a blitz where the linemen let the attackers go by. It is obvious the other team is setting up a screen and letting the blitzers run themselves out of the play before the quarterback dumps it off over their heads. Football Outsiders notes in its preview that the Jets were the worst defense in the league against screen passes in 2010. It is for just this reason. One way to get a team  to slow down attacking is to use its aggressiveness against it. Hit too many screens, and the defense will think twice about attacking so hard, which makes protection easier on conventional passes.

I worry about screens for a few reasons. Dallas is breaking in three new starters on the offensive line, all inexperienced. They seem likely to be overwhelmed by the looks the Jets are going to throw at them. Screens would thus be very helpful and safe. The Cowboys also have a homerun threat, Felix Jones receiving out of the backfield. He has blazing speed. Unlike other backs, open field does not mean a first down. It can mean a touchdown. He had 48 catches a year ago, 7 of which went for over 20 yards.

Dallas has talented wide receivers on the outside, but they might be locked up against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. The Jets front seven is difficult to run against. Getting Jones involved in the passing game is one area where Dallas' offense could have an edge and do some damage.