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Jacksonville Jaguars Release David Garrard

The Jaguars have released quarterback David Garrard.


  "He just wasn’t able to get it going this preseason," Head Coach Jack Del Rio said in making the announcement along with General Manager Gene Smith. "He even admitted that when we talked today, that for whatever reason he just has not been able to find a rhythm, not been able to be his old self. And so with that being the case we just had to make a football decision and we decided to let him go, let him pursue interest elsewhere if he has that desire.

Why is this significant? The Jets play the Jaguars Week 2. New starter Luke McCown should make for a much easier game to win. It is difficult to imagine Jacksonville would have rookie Blaine Gabbert make his first career start against the Jets' attacking defense so McCown is likely the guy.

Garrard would also be a great option as a backup quarterback. He is accurate, does not throw too many interceptions, and can make plays with his legs. I doubt the Jets will go there, though. They seem happy with Mark Brunell for whatever reason, probably in part due to the knowledge that WFAN's switchboard will light up calling for a quarterback change the instant Mark Sanchez has a good game if there is a decent option behind him on the depth chart.