So who's this Andrew Sendejo guy?

Andrew Sendejo College Career Hi-Lights (via isasports)

Andrew Sendejo UFL Hi-Lights (via isasports)



[EDIT: added some video]

Props to theJETSblog for this run-down.  He sounds much better to me after reading that.  Played some safety-backer in college (me likes), and is supposedly a very smart, athletic and tough guy (apparent requirements to play safety in our system, with smarts being the premium requirement).  Somewhere in the 210-225 range, and ran a 4.65 forty.  Tough against the run and disciplined in his scheme responsibilities. 

He definitely seems like he's in the mold of Eric Smith and Jim Leonard, which makes me like him all the more.  Rex seems to value having smart guys at safety than athletic playmakers.  He wants guys that can be disciplined in their assignments (in addition to knowing everybodies' assignments) and that are smart enough to disguise what we're trying to do.   He's also a willing special teamer.

I really like this pick-up now, after reading theJETSblog.  Sendejo is a great fit, and in another year he'll be pushing Leonard and Smith for playing time.

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