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Flight Connections 09-06-11

Ggnfc86_medium Sunday night marks the start of a long journey.

ESPN New York: 9/11 opener is the most pressure HC Rex Ryan has felt.

Yahoo!: For the Ryan brothers, it isn't about laughs right now.

Associated Press: Cancer can't keep former NFL HC Buddy Ryan from the Cowboys vs. Jets game.

QB Greg McElroy makes Peter King's tweet of the week.

FB John Conner will most likely play on Sunday.

OLB Calvin Pace will finally play on Week One after missing the last two season openers.

The Jets Blog scouts OL Colin Baxter.

AFC East Blog has a new writer.  I had to turn down the gig because they actually expected me to write about the other three teams.  (Just kidding.)

Infinite Jets wonders if there is a curse with the number 17.

Jersey Jets Fan wonders what you expect for the season.

Jets Insider writes about former Jets LB Aaron Maybin.