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Where Will DeMarcus Ware Be?

The Cowboys have the NFL's reigning sack champion, DeMarcus Ware. He has played right outside linebacker in Dallas' base 3-4 defense. That means he matches up against opposing left tackles. Against the Jets, that means facing D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Ferguson only allowed 2 sacks all of last season, an absurdly low number considering he protects Mark Sanchez's blind side, and Sanchez has no chance to see a guy who beats Ferguson and avoid the rush.

New Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is a lot like his brother. He looks for creative ways to get his guys into favorable matchups. One thing I will watch is how many times he puts Ware on the left side of the defense against first year starter Wayne Hunter. As well as Hunter played in relief of Damien Woody last year, he is not the pass protector Ferguson is.

Ware might spend most of his time at his normal spot, but he will likely move around. How the Jets adjust to the times he is in a different place could have a big impact on the game.