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Martin Tevaseu and Isiah Trufant Clear Waivers, Put on New York Jets Practice Squad

Recently cut nose tackle Martin Tevaseu and secondary guy Isiah Trufant were put on the practice squad per Jane McManus.

Jets practice squad moves: Martin Tevaseu and Isaiah Trufant are on the practice squad. TE Josh Baker was cut.

Tough break for Baker. Maybe he can catch on somewhere because he showed some decent potential, even if it was against fellow practice squad material.

I am agnostic on Trufant. I am happy Tevaseu made it through, though. Unlike most players on the practice squad, he has actual evidence of playing at a high level in an important spot, the snaps he got in the AFC Championship Game. He also mans a spot on the field where the coaching staff has appeared adept at developing players. He is a guy who looks like he can become a good nose tackle. That is a position where a team can never be too deep.