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New York Jets Placed Claim on Brandon Tate

According to Florio
, the Jets apparently placed a claim on Brandon Tate, a wide receiver waived by the Patriots but picked up by the Bengals.

The 2009 third-rounder prompted the Bengals, Cardinals, and Jets to claim his contract

The obsession with one team trying to get the other's former players goes on.

Maybe the Jets liked him as a return guy. He ran back a pair of kickoffs for touchdowns last yaer.

I am less than impressed with his game as a wide receiver. He had 24 receptions for 432 yards last season. I thought the Jets really exposed him in the Playoffs. Part of the reason the Jets were able to have such defensive success against the Pats is they were able to match up one on one with New England's outside receivers, including Tate, during the game, allowing eextra men to move to the middle of the field and clog passing lanes.