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New York Jets Practice Squad Takes Shape

The Jets have signed seven of their cuts to the practice squad.

TE Josh Baker, LB Matt Berning, G Trevor Canfield, DT Jarron Gilbert, G Matt Kroul, CB Julian Posey and WR Patrick Turner.

I am particularly pleased to see Baker, Kroul, and Gilbert there. Baker looks like he has the athletic ability to become a problem at H-back. Kroul came a long way in a short time as an offensive lineman. Gilbert was long known as a freakish athlete and a raw football player. Watching the line in preseason, it seemed like he was starting to put things together and was playing at a pretty high level. And those Patrick Turner fans out there are probably happy to see it. Maybe the team can teach him to use his big frame efficiently in the passing game.

I would also love to see Martin Tevaseu make it back to the practice squad.