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New York Jets Waive Martin Tevaseu

Martin Tevaseu was among three waived today by the Jets.

Of all the moves today, this one has me the most surprised for a few reasons. It leaves the Jets with six defensive linemen. Tevaseu saw times with the first team defense due to Sione Pouha's injury and looked good. He saw snaps in the AFC Championship Game against the Steelers and looked good.

A nose tackle is one of the most important commodities a team can have no matter the system. You can never have too many guys who can tie up multiple blockers and hold the point of attack. MTV looked like he was on his way to developing into a good one. I am struggling to come up with an explanation for this.

As we know from the Jerricho Cotchery situation, there are sometimes things that happen behind the scenes we do not know about. It is also possible the Jets are going to try and sneak him back onto the practice squad.