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New York Jets Waive Aaron Maybin

Aaron Maybin was among three Jets waived today.

I know this move will prove unpopular with some because Maybin played well at times during the preseason. I can understand it, though. Preseason production only can tell so much. The bottom line is the guy was not even good enough to make the Bills.

He also was a bit of a one trick pony. He had a good burst but looked finished the second a blocker locked onto him. You need to be able to disengage playing in the front seven. Maybin was about as good as a blitzer from the secondary. Garrett McIntyre was much more consistent in the preseason and showed an ability to get off blocks. Jamaal Westerman was quiet on the stat sheet, but he was disruptive at times on the line and drew attention to open things up for other guys.

I would not have minded giving Maybin a chance to build on some of the good things he did, but I cannot argue with the move if the Jets thought he is as good as he is ever going to get.