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New York Jets Waive Isiah Trufant

Isiah Trufant was among three Jets waived today.

This ends his short return to the team. The Jets signed him from Philly right before the final preseason game with the Eagles and then temporarily gave him a spot on the 53 man roster.

I found the move puzzling. He was with the Jets at the end of last season. They could have brought him back for another look in camp and apparently decided it was not worth it. Suddenly the team changed its mind, and he had a spot on the roster. If he was not good enough a month ago, what changed? Why did he make it over a guy like Ellis Lankster who had a strong preseason with the Jets? Another relevant question: Why do I care so much about moves made at the back of the roster for guys likely to have minimal impact?

Trufant's brother, Marcus, has had a long and distinguished career in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks.