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Jeremy Kerley Will Serve as Third Quarterback While Greg McElroy Is Out

Jane McManus tweets on whom will be the emergency quarterback in case anything happens to Mark Sanchez and Mark Brunell.

Rex Ryan said Jeremy Kerley could be the Jets 3rd QB for now. Kerley, a rookie WR with wildcat on the resume, is a stretch there.

It is a stretch to say the least. It would seem better to have a guy who actually plays the position in the unlikely event both Mark Sanchez and Mark Brunell got hurt in a game. It is important to at least keep the threat of the pass on the table. Kerley did complete a pass against the Giants, but he is a thrower in the sense it keeps a defense honest. He does not have extensive experience reading complex defenses and going through progressions. The Jets would largely be limited to Wildcat packages. There are not many great third quarterbacks in the league. The team would probably be stuck running it a lot, but getting a real guy would at least expand the playbook. With the defense and run game, the Jets could go into 2009 mode and still have a shot.

Manish Mehta says Kellen Clemens is not an option.

Although QB Kellen Clemens was cut by Redskins, I've been told it's unlikely at this point that there will be a reunion with .

Clemens is pretty bad. He could not even make it in Washington where there is no pro quarterback with a track record of success. I do not necessarily blame the Jets for not going in that direction. They clearly do not think much of Clemens and rightly so. I still think they should add somebody. How about promoting Drew Willy?

I realize this is unlikely to manifest itself, but things could look really ugly if it does, even uglier than just losing the top two on the depth chart. And with the state of the depth on the offensive line, an injury there would make this situation more likely.