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News Update

Hey everyone. Here's a bit of an afternoon update on what's happening.

DE/OLB Aaron Maybin is, barring something major, going to be active this weekend. It sounds like they have some specific packages to allow him to use his speed. Hopefully we'll see the beginnings of something awesome this weekend with Maybin.

C Nick Mangold is a true game-time decision. He was and has been limited in practice. According to Rex, if the game was today, he wouldn't start, however he said that by Sunday his status will be 50/50.

The offense had a bad day of practice today, committing a lot of mental mistakes, but finished practice strong.

WR Plaxico Burress practiced fully after a tightening of his hamstring. He's playing on Sunday, make no mistake about it.

Per Jason LaCanfora, Baltimore WR Lee Evans is likely out. This means CB Antonio Cromartie would be on WR Torrey Smith. That's a matchup I want to see. Take the jump with me and I'll give you my take on these developments.

I'm excited to see what Maybin has. As we've seen, he's done well in the pre-season and it's very possible that he takes the next step. I'm interested to see what kind of packages Rex has in store for Maybin, and I really wouldn't be shocked if he gets a sack and a handful of pressures in his first game as a Jet.

As for Mangold, don't expect to see him play this weekend. He's 50/50, but I can't imagine they'd put him out there at those odds. Why risk further injury to your All-Pro center when we'll need him even more next week? If he's not playing, expect to see a decent amount of Conner and LT helping Colin Baxter block Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, and Ray Lewis from destroying Mark Sanchez.

What does everyone else think? Are you optimistic about this weekend? If not, what specifically has you concerned?