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Boldest Gang Green Nation Member: Crackback

As I was expecting, our own Crackback was the landslide winner of our boldest fan voting. Crack sadly wins nothing aside from this tribute post.

Crackback is one of the most integral members of the GGN community. He is indeed not afraid to make bold proclamations about the Jets or about players he likes. He provides detailed scouting reports on a lot of these guys. I heard Crack talk up guys like Jeff Cumberland and Kenrick Ellis before just about anybody.

More than that, Crack really represents some of the best things you want in a member of this site. He encourages people to post. He backs people who take unconventional opinions when they take heat for them. He is a frequent writer and commenter. He has said many times he feels like everybody here is a staff writer because your FanPost can be front paged. That hits the nail on the head, folks. You don't need to be on the masthead to be a critical part of our community. Crackback proves it.

Crackback's the man.