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An Insider's Game

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I would just like to go back a second to the Q and A I did with Jim Leonhard last week. Jim had a unique insight on this week's game.

JB: After the Raiders, you guys head to Baltimore to play the Ravens. This past week, we heard a lot of people wonder how much of an advantage Jacksonville had since Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman were former Jets, knew the players, and knew the system. To what extent do you think former members of the Ravens like you, Bart Scott, and the coaches have any sort of tangible advantage going into that game? Does it have any effect at all?

JL: The advantage is the comfort level. Week in and week out it's a quick turnaround in the NFL preparing for a whole new offense and personnel. To know some of the guys and know how Flacco tries to look you off or how Ray Rice runs, the type of athlete he is, and the receivers definitely is an advantage going into a game. You don't have to feel your way into it. You know what those guys are like before you step on the field.

On the other hand, the Ravens also have a bit of a comfort level against Jim and Bart Scott. I do think this could be a bit of an edge for the Jets. Rex Ryan used to coach a lot of these guys so he has an incredible scouting report on these guys regarding subtle weaknesses he can exploit.

Will it have a huge effect? Probabaly not. It is intangible. It could have an impact, though.