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Will Ed Reed Wreck the Game?

Mark Sanchez takes a lot of chances. Early in his career, almost every chance he took ended poorly. Now more result in big plays. There have been some mistakes, though. All four interceptions he has thrown this year have been on him.
There are instances where an interception is really not a quarterback's fault.

The receiver might break the wrong way, or a ball gets tipped. If you recall the Giants-Redskins game Week 1, you remember Ryan Kerrigan's interception. That was a perfect example of a pick not being a quarterback's fault. The play called for Kareem McKenzie to throw a cut block. Eli Manning was expecting his lineman to execute and take Kerrigan out of his throwing lane. It didn't happen, and the interception was on the right tackle. Sanchez's picks have not been because of others. He has either stared down the receiver or forced a ball on all of them.

Ed Reed's reputation is well known. He is the ultimate ball hawk in the back of the defense. The Jets might have a difficult time running the ball since Baltimore has some top notch players in its front seven. This is likely to be another pass heavy game. There will be good with bad. Sanchez should be able to make some plays, but Reed can do a ton of damage to quarterbacks who try and do too much.