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New York Jets Announce Cuts

The Jets announced some cuts via the team's Twitter page. Some of these we have already gone over.

Jets Waived: LB Jones, G Kroul, G Landolt, S Lador, CB Lankster, LB LaRocque, T McCaskill, WR McKnight, S Morgan, CB Posey, LB Satele...

I thought Matt Kroul made a lot of good strides considering he was adjusting to a new side of the ball for just weeks. I would not at all be surprised if he ended up on the practice squad. Nothing else really jumps off the page at me aside from Ellis Lankster, who looked very good in preseason.

Now the real mayhem begins, which is Mike Tannenbaum's time to shine. Think of it as a smaller scale version of that insane first week of free agency we had this year. There are guys cut somewhere who might be able to help the Jets. The roster will likely change in the coming days.