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Dwight Lowery Traded to Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jets have traded safety/cornerback Dwight Lowery to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jets have traded safety Dwight Lowery to Jacksonville, for an undisclosed conditional draft pic

I am not digging this move in the least. Lowery started to play well after the move to safety last year. You cannot hide safeties against Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and the Jets gave those two a lot of trouble in the Playoffs. Lowery was something of a big play guy who excelled playing things in front of him. He also could play cornerback in a pinch since he played the position his first two years in the league. He was a valuable guy.

All of the sudden, I am kind of concerned about safety depth. Eric Smith and Jim Leonhard are going to have problems against athletic receiving tight ends. I figured the Jets would use Dwight as a cover safety. I am not sure what they will do now.

Is this a move with an eye to bringing back Ellis Lankster since the team apparently just found out he cannot be on the practice squad?