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Aaron Maybin to Make Roster...for Now

Adam Schefter says Aaron Maybin is going to make the cut at least in the short term.

For tonight at least, Aaron Maybin has made the Jets initial 53-man roster.

Maybin probably played his way on with his very strong effort against the Eagles. He sounds like another guy whose spot might be in question if a potential good player who fits what the Jets want to do makes it to the free agent market.

Maybin showed he could conceivably help the Jets on passing downs. He seems to have a good burst. He does seem like a one trick pony, though. He has to get to the edge because once a blocker locks onto him, he is done. He really does not appear to have any moves to disengage. His success also came against backup caliber players (if not worse). He probably showed enough to get some regular season reps on passing downs to see whether he can actually help.