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Ellis Lankster Not Eligibile for Practice Squad

Word last night was that the Jets were going to try and sign released Ellis Lankster to the practice squad. GGN member joeklecko questioned whether he was eligible. It turns out joe was right. Lankster is not per Manish Mehta.

Ellis Lankster is not eligible for the practice squad, so he won't be returning to the Jets.

Lankster is listed on his NFL profile as having played 10 games for the Buffalo Bills in 2009, which is indeed too many to be able to participate on the practice squad.

That is too bad. Lankster looked good in preseason. He made a lot of plays.

It is hardly the end of the world, though. Lankster is a developmental guy. It is a good thing that the Jets do not have enough room to keep a guy like Lankster around in a way. It means the team has an awful lot of good players in the secondary.