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Kicking The Tires: Waived Players

Every team in the NFL is frantically trying to trim down their rosters to 53 in time for the Tuesday deadline. The old adage of one mans trash being another mans treasure seems relevant. The question is, do we, The Jets, really need any of that discarded potential treasure?

Some will say no, that we have so many good players that can't even make the team, that waived players are irrelevant. Others will say that we should sign the first solid offensive lineman we can find for depth. I'm kind of in "Trust in Rex" autopilot right now. The Jets always seem like they're losing players they can't even really use (i.e. Danny Woodhead) to other teams, is there any team in the NFL with extra parts at a position the Jets need help at? I'm asking for your opinion instead of making an assertion.

Are you interested in any cut players? I'll mention some of the bigger waived names after the jump. Feel free to use this thread as a cut-waived player superthread, or to discuss released players we may potentially look at, whether I mentioned them here or not.

Let's start with Sammy Morris, since someone is bound to bring this up. The Patriots released the 12 year veteran RB today. Morris is 34, joined the league in 2000, and spent four seasons with the Buffalo Bills, three seasons with the Miami Dolphins, and has been with the Pats since 2007. We are the only AFC team Morris has never played with, so I expect someone silly will make this suggestion at some point.

There isn't a single use we would ever have for Sammy Morris. He's way too old for his position, and we're perfectly outfitted with runners young and old. There is absolutely no reason for us to sign him except to screw with the Patriots. Why waste the roster spot? Let them sign our trash, let's pass on Morris.

Three time Pro Bowl and All-Pro selection Bears DT Tommie Harris is probably the best known of today's released players. Most detractors will say he is not a fit, and I don't necessarily disagree with them. Harris was drafted 14th by the Bears in 2004, giving Harris seven season under his belt. He isn't too old, but the Colts signed him this season only to cut him before making it to the regular season. Something tells me if he couldn't make it on the Colts line, he's not going to work out for us.

The Eagles cut WR Sinorice Moss, also couldn't make it to the regular season with his new team after being let go by the Giants. S. Moss is a former second round draft pick who never really lived up to his surname. Many people question how he is still in the league, and I don't consider him to be an attractive option.

OL Max Jean-Gilles spent five season with the Eagles, but couldn't make it a full month with the Bengals, who certainly would seem to need the help at that position, which makes me reluctant. Normally, I would say Jean-Gilles is the potentially cheap vet option we'd like to fix our depth problem. But if he can't make a go of it with the Bengals...

The Titans released two fairly well known names: WR Justin Gage and DE Jacob Ford. Ford is a four year vet drafted in the sixth round. In 43 games Ford got 90 combined tackles and 15.5 sacks. Gage is a nine year vet way past his prime, even though he never really had one. I'm not interested in old and unproven, personally speaking.

One of the most talked about names among cut players is former Cowboys C and pro-bowler Andre Gurode. Gurode is probably the best O line among the cut players. Gurode is also 32, had knee surgery this offseason, and commands a salary that warranted him being cut from the Cowboys. Both the New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions are having Gurode for visits. I say let them. I think we can get cheaper and healthier to solve or depth problems on the line. Perhaps most interesting of this is that Gurode's chief suitor, the Patriots, currently have the man who stomped on his face during a game on defense. That won't be awkward or anything...

The Bears finally pulled the trigger and released aging RB Chester Taylor. No thank you on that one.

Steve Weatherford beat out Matt Dodge for the Giants punting job, so Matt Dodge has been let go. I have confidence in Conley, but if for any reason that changes during the regular season, we now have some options. Not very good ones, but options nonetheless.

Here's an interesting mixed bag: Perrish Cox was waived by the Broncos after one lackluster season. Whether this is from Cox's poor performance this preseason, or Cox's upcoming sexual assault trial The Broncos have not clarified, which is both classy and expected. Cox seems to have upside, and was definitely taken so high for a reason. I know you're innocent until proven guilty, but frankly if I wanted to root for someone who couldn't keep it in their pants I would be a Steelers fan. Jets are almost as well known for giving troubled players chances as the Bengals or Eagles, but I don't like this kid so far.

Speaking of troubled and unproven; The Packers released DB Brandon Underwood. Underwood has switched from corner to safety, had a lingering knee injury, and was in trouble with the law for domestic abuse and soliciting prostitution. If Underwood showed significant promise, I'd say kick the tires. He hasn't shown me enough though.

If McElroy or Brunell have problems getting back to full health, career reserve QB Josh McCown is available after being let go by the 49'ers.

Any names you want to sign? Any names you want to avoid like the plague?

UPDATE: The Pats just released Brandon Meriweather. Pretty interesting stuff. My opinion: Safety isn't nearly the need that many Jets fans think it is. Pool, Smith, and Leonhard all have their faults but are solid safeties for what they each do respectively. Meriweather has played 4 season exclusively with the Pats, is only 27, has been solid the whole time, and Brandon was drafted 24th overall in 2007.

I say kick the tires on Meriweather. We don't have to sign him, but I think it merits a visit.