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Josh Baker Will Not Make the Cut

Josh Baker will be cut according to Manish Mehta.

have told TE Josh Baker that he will be cut, per source. hopes he clears waivers and gets on practice squad.

Baker played well. His problem was that another athletic receiving tight end, Jeff Cumberland, played better.

Baker seems pretty versatile. He is a guy who could get looks in an H-back role, lining up as a receiver at tight end or out of the backfield. Then again, giving Brian Schottenheimer another personnel package to (over)think about may not be the best idea.

In all seriousness, he looks like a guy who might be worth developing. His athleticism makes him worth developing. He seems like he could become a matchup problem for slower linebackers. This is just another case of maybe hoping a guy makes it through waivers so the team can stash him away on the practice squad.