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Rodney Harrison Thinks the New York Jets Should Attack Baltimore's Secondary

NBC analyst Rodney Harrison thinks the Jets should attack the Ravens through the air.

"If I am the Jets, I’m attacking the Ravens secondary, in particular the cornerback position," Harrison said. "They have some young corners; they take a lot of chances. They’re not very disciplined, a lot of pass interference calls. That would be a good opportunity for Mark Sanchez to attack these guys."

While Harrison was one of my least favorite players, I actually think he does a pretty good job as an analyst opposed to his former teammate Tedy Bruschi. He seems like he prepares, and his honesty talking about things like how he put money aside for fines on illegal hits is refreshing.

We will certainly discuss it more in the next few days, but I agree with Harrison. Outside of Ed Reed, nobody in that secondary is scary. Baltimore is loaded with guys good against the run in the front seven. Think about Terrence Cody, Haloti Ngata, Ray Lewis, and Terrell Suggs. The Jets have been suspect run blocking. It will be tough to get things going against that front.