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Plaxico Burress Battling Tight Hamstring

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Rod Boone reports Plaxico Burress was limited in practice today.

Plaxico was limited with a tight hammy.

Plaxico's track record was always one of being banged up and unable to practice fully during the week and performing on Sunday even before his trip to prison. As he continues to age, this trend is probably not going to reverse itself. He has already battled some nagging stuff this year. His performance on the field has been very good, though.

Plax has asserted himself so far as a big target, a guy to whom Mark Sanchez can throw up a ball and expect him to go take it away from a defender. He also also become a force as a run blocker. Simply put, he has been everything the Jets could have asked for in a replacement for Braylon Edwards through three weeks. Even when he has not made plays like in Week 2, he was drawing coverage to open things up for other players.