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Antonio Cromartie Off Returns Sunday; Joe McKnight In

Manish Mehta says Antonio Cromartie will not be returning kicks Sunday.

Rex says Cromartie won't return kicks on Sunday. "No chance... Unless we really need it."

I guess my concerns about him working with the punt return team were apparently unfounded. This might be a performance issue anyway after Cromartie's muffed kickoff led to arguably the most critical touchdown of the game Sunday.

The team's official site indicates Joe McKnight will handle the kickoffs.

Joe McKnight will return kicks if Antonio Cromartie (ribs) is not back there deep.

We could have figured that out since McKnight handled the job after Cromartie left the game Sunday. He broke a big return in relief. I think there is potential for McKnight to win the fulltime job with a big performance. Mike Westhoff's blocking schemes have turned a number of athletic guys into top returners. The Jets might find they really do not need to risk a starting corner on returns.