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Will Terrell Suggs Get the DeMarcus Ware Treatment?

Like the Dallas Cowboys, the Baltimore Ravens have a top notch pass rusher who usually lines up on the right side of the defense against the other team's left tackle. The Cowboys in Week 1 moved DeMarcus Ware around to try and create a mismatch against Wayne Hunter instead of facing D'Brickashaw Feguson. It worked as Ware terrorized Hunter.

Until Hunter's play picks up, other teams will likely copy what Dallas did when they have a talent like Ware or Baltimore's Terrell Suggs. Suggs figures to see time against Hunter on passing downs.

I thought the Jets did a better job protecting Hunter against the Raiders than they did in the first two weeks of the season. On passing downs, they kept in tight ends to help and extend the edge. They left in backs. They did small, subtle things like have somebody nudge the outside pass rusher to throw him off balance and give Hunter the edge. Wayne's play was a lot better. He was beaten for a sack on a long developing play, but he was not the consistent liability he had been.

The Jets will need to continue helping him. Hunter cannot handle Suggs on his own.