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News Update

There have been a couple reports from Manish Mehta, Rich Cimini, and Jenny Vrentas today about the active players for this weekend. Let's go through them and see what they mean.

Both C Nick Mangold and CB Antonio Cromartie were limited today. Cromartie was more active, however neither were wearing pads and were stretching and doing light activities. It seems that Cromartie is more likely to play this weekend, however there is a possibility that both will play. Mangold has said that his ankle feels good, and he appears to be optimistic about his chances. Rex has said that he needs to see more from Mangold this week before he gives him the green light.

Rex has also said that there is a possibility that DE/OLB Aaron Maybin will be active this week, however that depends on how he does in practice. Let's take the jump below and see what this all means.

It sounds like Cromartie is going to play, although he may be limited in game. Rex said that Kyle Wilson will start at the #2 CB slot, should Cromartie be unable to play. I have a feeling that they will sit Mangold this week and let him rest a little more before the Patriots game. Baxter should get better this week with more reps, and will likely have less mental mistakes. If Cromartie cannot play, I don't think it would be bad to see Wilson there against WR Lee Evans/Torrey Smith. He's definitely stepped up his play this year.

I would like to see Maybin active, if only to give Flacco something to consider with his speed. As Crackback has said, a one-trick pony is better than a no-trick pony. If either Mangold or Cromartie is forced to sit as well, I'd love to see Kenrick Ellis finally active to see what he can do. I'd love to see Ray Rice try and run by him. What do you all think?