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Reflections Upon Aaron Maybin's Return

In case you missed it, news broke from Manish Mehta this morning that the Jets have signed Aaron Maybin, who spent time with the team during the preseason and was cut before the opener. Maybin looked good at times in preseason and made a strong case to make the roster. Plenty of Jets fans will likely be happy to hear he is back in the mix.

I hate to play the role of Buzz Killington, but I am not sure how much this move will help the team. It seems to me a shot in the dark that indicates the front office recognizes a problem with the inability of pass rushers to get to the quarterback without sending extra blitzers.

Maybin showed a nice initial burst during the preseason, but he also really struggled to get off any sort of block when he failed to get to the edge untouched. Unless he can learn how to disengage and close on the quarterback, his usefulness will be extremely limited. He is not going to be going against the lead footed backup linemen he faced in preseason. Maybin will be facing starters, and he has as many career sacks as Vernon Gholston. Guys whowere cut in preseason and are still available in Week 4 are usually so for a reason.

I think the best spot for him will be as a spot player on obvious passing downs. The Jets should use him standing up on the outside against slower right tackles and give him a chance to use his burst to win the edge.

The time to add good pass rushers was in free agency, when plenty were available, not now. We can only hope Maybin really does develop into something good.