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Step Off Of That Ledge My Friends

I don't want to hear how bad our defense is. I don't want to hear that Shotty stinks. I don't want to hear people wondering how we are going to make the playoffs. I don't want to hear any of that. Did you all think we would be going 16-0? Did you all think the regular season would be the easy part? Every team has it's problems, and ups and downs. Look at the Patriots. Do you all think Pats fans are as worried as you guys are, after losing to the Bills. At least we can be happy that we didn't lose a divisional game.

It was a very emotional game for the Raiders. It was their home opener, and they and their fans were fired up. Maybe our team just figured it was the 2009 Raiders that they destroyed years ago. Who, knows? What I do know is, it was one game, and Rex will be in the faces of every single defensive player to get their head where they need to be. You don't give up 200 something rushing yards and blame Shotty. You don't blame Shotty for Sanchez not being aware of the clock in his head. You don't blame Shotty, for the O-line underperforming. You don't blame Shotty for Cro making a lot of mistakes. I think it's absurd that so many people would be calling for Shotty's job after that performance by our D, and everything else. Play calling was the least of our problems. I know he is everyone's fall guy, but let's be real with the real reasons we lost that game.