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New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Thread #3.0

Use this as a new thread for the Jets-Raiders game.

I'm posting this now because the scheduled game thread doesn't seem to be coming about on time and the other is overflowed.

Things are tied right now. No hot dogs as of yet. Hopefully there will be a hot dog feast towards the end of the game. I'm gonna repost some preview info so that I can post this on the front page as a substitute game thread.

The Jets travel to Oakland today. The last time they played the Raiders out West, they dominated. Gang Green won the 2009 game 38-0 and ran for over 300 yards. A replay of that game would be fantastic. Any kind of win would mean a 3-0 start for the second consecutive season.

Leave your thoughts below in the comments section. As always, please refrain from both asking for and posting links to illegal broadcast streams of the game.