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Make or Break For Hunter

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The Mangold injury has been a major concern for a lot of people, including me. Without our All-Pro center in there, our O-line is significantly worse. That's not saying all that much, since it wasn't that great for the first two weeks anyway. There might be someone in the Jets offense that might actually benefit from this injury to an extent. Wayne Hunter has been picked on a lot in this young season. Teams know he is the weak link on our O-line. As we go into week 3, he is no longer the weakest link on our line. Mr. Baxter will be the main target for the Raiders' pass rush. The pressure will be off of Hunter, and squarely on the shoulders of Baxter.

Hunter will have a chance here to make himself look a lot better than his first two starts have shown. He will be going up against Matt Shaughnessy for most of the game today. He is by no means on the level of D. Ware, but he is an up and coming DE. If Hunter can turn things around, the cloudy aura our O-line has right now, might start to clear up. If he drops the ball on this opportunity, then I prepose the Jets do something a little crazy. If Hunter fails today, the Jets should consider gearing Vlad up for the starting RT position. If Vlad can focus on that position alone, I think he can excel there. Let's hope Hunter does great, and we never have to find out, if that is the case.