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Can the New York Jets Execute Defensively?

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Studying the matchups of this game, the Jets appear built to handle the Oakland offense well. The Raiders are first and foremost a running team. Oakland ran more than it passed last year and has continued to do so this year. Once they establish the run and force the defense to play it, they can take advantage of the great speed their receivers have. Oakland's receiving corps is not necessarily a well rounded group, but Al Davis emphasizes speed.

The Jets can present the Raiders with problems. New York is very strong up front against the run. The front including Sione Pouha, Mike Devito, Bart Scott, and David Harris has the capablity to win matchups and limit the damage against the run game without needing extra help. The safeties can stay back.

On the outside, the Jets also have good matchups. Darrelle Revis can take away any sort of receivers. He has the speed to hang with anybody and frequently knocks wideouts around at the line before they can even break into a route. On the other side is Antonio Cromartie. I mentioned earlier that Oakland has a lot of one dimensional deep threats without refinement in other parts of their games. That sounds like Cromartie's kind of receiver.

Now games are not played on paper. The Jets still need to execute. It is possible the Jets lose up front or for Cromartie to have a lapse. The matchup does look favorable coming in.