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NFL Week 3 Coverage Maps

Today FOX has a doubleheader. CBS will show one game to each regions.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:,

Giants at Eagles early on FOX

Packers at Bears late on FOX

Jets at Raiders late on CBS

You will also be able to see the Jets if you live in the Scranton, Albany, Philadelphia, Richmond, Detroit, Saginaw, Fargo (ND), Salt Lake City, Portland (OR), Eugene, Medford (OR), and Twin Falls (ID) markets or Minnesota aside from the extreme southeastern part of the state, Hawaii, and parts of California north of the Los Angeles market.

The entire nation will see Steelers at Colts tonight on NBC and Redskins at Cowboys tomorrow on ESPN.

For a complete listing of games that will be shown in your local television market on this NFL Sunday, check out the distribution maps at A link is provided right here for your convenience.