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New York Jets Could Target Chris Johnson Against Oakland Raiders

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The Raiders have a cornerback named Chris Johnson. So far he has been about as good at playing cornerback as the Chris Johnson with the Titans has been at playing running back in 2011. Opposing quarterbacks are 13 for 16 for 167 yards against him in two games and a touchdown. Prorate that to an entire season, and we have 104 catches for 1,336 yards, and 8 touchdowns. He pretty much has turned Broncos and Bills receivers into Reggie Wayne.

Watching Johnson, a few things seems clear. He is a decent athlete who can hang with receivers running deep. One a receiver throws any sort of move on him, he is finished. The receiver creates space and is open for a pretty easy completion. The Raiders do not tend to have their corners follow a specific receiver around like the Jets do. Their defensive plays tend to call for the corners to be on a certain side and let the offense send whichever receiver out there. I would look for the Jets to use plenty of Santonio Holmes on him.

Oakland has a pretty good corner in Stanford Routt on the other side of the field, but they miss Nnamdi Asomguha badly because it has forced Johnson into the starting lineup.