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What Is Your Pick?

I learned a l long time ago that making a prediction on a game is tough business. You just do not know how well the two teams will play. We all made fun of that guy on Bleacher Report who predicted Tony Romo would throw for 300 yards against the Jets. Objectively speaking, it was not going to happen if both teams played reasonably well. That did not happen, though. The Jets played poorly defensively, and Dallas' offense was good before Romo's late game meltdown.

That does not prevent you from making a pick, though. Use the space below to tell us what you think will happen on Sunday in terms of both score and individual performances. I cannot wait to see what big homers we are on this site. We will give special recognition to the member coming closest to picking the right score of the game between the Jets and the Raiders.

Pick away in the comments.