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Dustin Keller Credits Tom Moore for Early Production

Dustin Keller is off to a fast start, and he has a lot of praise for new offensive consultant Tom Moore according to Cimini.

He admitted he used to rely on pure speed to outrun linebackers and safeties. Now he tries to set them up, perhaps with a hesitation move on the stem of his route, a little something to freeze an outside linebacker. Keller credited Moore's teachings.

"I look back on the notes and try to work it into whatever our scheme is that week, everything from the top of my routes to reading defenses to getting separation on a guy," Keller said. "He's been so helpful in all those areas."

When you add something extra to his speed, the speed becomes even more of a weapon. It is good to hear the tangible reasons behind his start. The question is consistency for Dustin, though. He has in the past gone off on some massive tears and then kind of faded. Can he continue to assert himself? It sounds like Moore is turning him into a more complete receiver so there is room for optimism.