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Flight Connections 09-20-11


SBNation: Gang Green is hypoallergenically good.

ESPN shares audio of an interview with HC Rex Ryan.

QB Mark Brunell will sell medical supplies after he retires.

C Nick Mangold might miss his first start on Sunday.

Terrible, simply terrible pun of the day from the PostOut in the 'gold.

ESPN New York introduces backup C Colin Baxter.

WR Santonio Holmes isn't concerned about his injury.

ILB Bart Scott is a nice young man. writes about hometown boy LB Garrett McIntyre.

CB Antonio Cromartie was almost a Raider.

Bob Raissman wishes CBS showed more of WR Plaxico Burress being covered.

Rod Boone: Rex did his best to get Plax involved.

Steve Serby: The next three weeks will reveal a lot.

Randy Lange: The Jets can't wait to get on the road.

The Record grades the Jets.

JetNation looks back at the game.

The Jets Blog looks back at the game.

Jets Flight Deck looks back at the game.

Jets Insider hands out game balls.

Pro Football Weekly ranks the Jets.

Locker Smash doesn't like all the play reviews.

Yahoo!'s Chris Chase believes "it wasn't that big of a deal" that Fox would manufacture phony headlines.


After the jump, who is Doug Devito?

I'm not sure, but here is DE Mike Devito mini-golfing with Jeane Coakley.


Rec if you agree.