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Donald Strickland Will Make the Team

Veteran cornerback Donald Strickland is going to make the 53 man roster aaccording to Manish Mehta.

have told CB Donald Strickland that he will make the 53-man roster, per source.

I did not think Strickland was ever going to be on the bubble before camp started, but he was very poor in preseason. You saw him constantly get beaten by backup caliber players. The team seems to feel this was an aberration and that his track record overrides what we saw. As a veteran, he gets the benefit of the doubt a younger player might not.

I remember when the depth chart came out, I was surprised Marquice Cole was in front of him. I figured Cole was impressing in camp. Perhaps Strickland's play had more to do with it than anticipated. In any event, Strickland should be an excellent fifth corner. When he is at his best, he is a very good nickel and spot starter. The fact the Jets have him so deep on the depth chart is a good sign.