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Ellis Lankster Will Be Cut

Lankster doing his Jerricho Cotchery imitation.
Lankster doing his Jerricho Cotchery imitation.

Manish Mehta says Ellis Lankster will not make the team.

will cut Ellis Lankster, per source. NYJ wants him for the practice squad.

Lankster was a real ball hawk in the secondary during the preseason. He capped it off with an interception return for a touchdown against the Eagles Thursday.

It would be great to see him get to the practice squad because we definitely saw some things for the coaching staff to develop. The question is whether he can make it there. The Jets really have a good problem. They have a lot of talented players on defense up and down the depth chart, too many to keep all of them. There are a lot of teams that need help in the secondary that might be tempted after seeing Lankster's strong preseason on film. If a team wants to give him a spot on an active roster, the Jets will obviously not be able to put him on the practice squad.