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Final Cuts Provide Opportunity to Upgrade Roster

The Jets could use some better backups on the offensive line.
The Jets could use some better backups on the offensive line.

In the next few days, I look for the Jets to be able to fill a few holes. There are always good players cut as teams trim their roster to 53 players. Some players do not fit a particular system. Others find themselves part of a numbers game at a position where their team has a ton of depth.

We might be stretching the definition of "good player," but the Jets ended their offseason long search for a blocking tight end by signing Ben Hartsock right before the season two years ago.

It came after Week 1, but another example was last year when the Jets cut Danny Woodhead, who was a victim of great depth at running back. He found his way to New England and the right system, where all the receivers the Pats play created a perfect system. Woodhead could play in space and utilize his speed.

I would look for the Jets to pay very close attention to offensive linemen cut by other teams. With Wayne Hunter starting and Robert Turner hurt, the quality of backups has dropped off tremendously on the New York roster from where it was at a year ago. That is surely a spot that could use some fortification.