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New York Jets Cuts Thus Far

The Jets have been busy today as the deadline approaches to trim the roster to 53 players. The following players have been cut:

Drew Willy

Dennis Landolt

Nevin McCaskill

Peter Clifford

Trevor Canfield

Zane Taylor

Dan DePalma

Michael Campbell

Scotty McKnight

Chris Jennings

Joey Laroque

Brashton Satele

Eddie Jones

Keith Zinger

Davon Morgan

Byron Landor

Lorenzo Washington



Willy figures to be a lock for the practice squad so the Jets have an extra quarterback in reserve who is familiar with the system.

The only one that really surprises me from this group is DePalma because he was a special teams contributor and reportedly got Mike Westhoff's attention. That is the way for a guy at the back of the roster to make a spot for himself since it is their only real chance to contribute.

Satele showed flashes, but his problem is a lot of guys at his position showed more.

McKnight was something of a sentimental favorite. I think he was worth a seventh round flier based on his production in college. He seems like one of those guys who plays better than his measurables would indicate. He just did not show much aside from that touchdown last night. The team saw enough in him to use a Draft pick so I would imagine he is a strong practice squad contender.