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Report: Nick Bellore Will Make Roster

Manish Mehta says Nick Bellore's strong preseason will result in a roster spot.

Source tells me that LB Nick Bellore will be a member of the roster.

The next few days are kind of sad in the NFL because a lot of guys see their lifelong dream crash and burn. It is nice to see one of the rare stories of a guy playing himself onto a roster, thus fulfilling his dream.

Based on preseason, Bellore has earned this. Now he should get used to running down the field covering kicks because that is where he will see the majority of his time. From what we have seen, I would imagine a guy with the nose for the ball like Bellore has a chance of being a pretty solid contributor on special teams.

There is also Danny Woodhead potential here thinking back to 2009 when Woodhead made the team and was cut to the practice squad a day later when somebody better became available.