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Do Not Get Too High or Low About Cuts

Some of the names of guys getting cut in the next few days might surprise you. The Jets were fortunate enough to get several standout performances by players in preseason games, mostly on the defensive side of the ball. The team has to make some tough choices.

Do keep in mind the level of competition. The guys at the back of the depth chart were doing it against third and fourth stringers. It might mean something, but it is also entirely possible it was a coincidence.

I expect Aaron Maybin to make the roster following an impressive showing against the Eagles. He might not, though. The coaching staff might not feel he is worth developing despite that performance. Remember, Vernon Gholston had a big final preseason game against the Eagles in 2009

Even if a guy stood out in a game, there is a lot in practice we do not see. Practice offers the coaching staff a daily look into how certain guys are developing and their ability.

It is surely a fan's right to question any front office move, but do not go overboard if you see a guy deep on the depth chart cut despite a strong preseason.