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Nick Mangold Looks Unlikely to Play Sunday

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As reported earlier, Nick Mangold has a high ankle sprain. Beat writers make it sound unlikely he will be able to go against the Raiders. Nick seems to feel he might be able to go.

Manish Mehta:

Rex Ryan says Nick Mangold will be "very iffy" for Sunday. "I don’t think it looks very good for playing this week."

Rich Cimini:

Mangold update: Source confirms high-ankle sprain. Looks like he'll miss at least 2 wks, but timetable will be determined by rehab.

Jenny Vrentas:

Rex confirms high ankle sprain for Mangold, says doesn't look good for Sun. However, Mangold thinks he can play and isn't ruled out.

This seems like a pain threshold issue to an extent. Nick is as tough as they come. A high ankle sprain is serious. It seems unlikely Mangold could recover in just one week. If anybody can do it, it is Mangold.

You frequently hear the media make more out of injuries than they really are. How many times did we hear that Robert Turner "is such a big part of the Jets offense?" What did Turner do? Appear in a few jumbo sets? The irony is that his injury only becomes significant because of the loss of Mangold. Nick, on the other hand, would be an enormous loss if he had to miss any time. This was a less than ideal spot on the schedule for it to happen. The next four games are Oakland (Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour), Baltimore (Haloti Ngata and Terrence Cody), New England (Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth), and Miami (Paul Solai and Randy Starks), all teams with really good interior linemen.