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Mark Sanchez Needs No X-Ray After Big Hit

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Mark Sanchez took a real shot on his last pass of the game when Matt Roth drilled him. He banged his arm on Roth's helmet. It sounds like he will be all right.

Sanchez said that kind of impact is "always scary" but maintained that he was fine and did not need X-Rays.

This is clearly very good news. Something is going to have to give, though, in the Jets' protection of Sanchez and fast. The pass blocking has been poor through two games, Wayne Hunter, the man who was beaten on the hit in question, in particular.  Now after both games, Sanchez has had to answer questions about his health. That is a very bad sign. Things had better improve quickly. The Jets have not done a good job at all addressing the backup quarterback position. A serious injury to Sanchez could very well end this team's hopes of going all the way. That is inevitable if he keeps taking big shots.