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Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets Third Quarter Thread

If you were looking for reasons to complain, the Jets have given you plenty in the first half. It was relatively sloppy. Mark Sanchez has made a pair of awful throws for interceptions. Last week's penalty free game looks like a distant memory. Nick Mangold has also left the game with an injury. Time will tell how bad it is. He is back on the sideline, but his leg did not twist a good way.

You cannot complain too much, though. Jets lead 15-3 at the half. The defense looks fantastic. Maurice Jones-Drew has been largely neutralized. The Jets wanted to put the game into Luke McCown's hands. They have succeeded so far, and the results have not been pretty for the Jacksonville side.

We head to the second half. Will the Jets repeat their 2010 trend of letting the other team back into this kind of game? Can they finish the job early and give their fans some rare easy breathing in the fourth quarter?

Leave your thoughts below.