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The Runway: Five Questions With Big Cat Country, Part 5

My final question for Alfie of Big Cat Country has to do with what Mark Sanchez and the Jets will have to deal with on the other side of the ball today.

Give us a little information about Jacksonville’s defensive scheme. How do you think they attack Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense?


Jacksonville runs a simple 4-3 and a variation of Cover 2 at it's base. They play left/right cornerback, as opposed to having their best corner shadow the team's best receiver. They also claim to play a left/right safety group rather than the tradition free/strong designation. The team looks to get pressure with it's front four and allow it's linebackers to freely move to the football. As for attacking Mark Sanchez, I think they are going to make him have to beat them through the air. I don't expect the Jets to be particularly successful running the football, as the Jaguars front four should to an excellent job clogging that up. I'd also look for defensive coordinator Mel Tucker to dial up some blitzes from guys like Coleman, Landry, and linebacker Daryl Smith.

Many thanks to Alfie for answering my questions.