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The Runway: Five Questions With Big Cat Country, Part 4

My fourth question for Alfie of Big Cat Country deals with some old friends wearing Jaguars uniforms. We will see both of these former Jets reserves manning the back of Jacksonville's defense. Hopefully we will not see them make some of the impact plays they made while wearing the green and white a year ago.

What roles do former Jets Drew Coleman and Dwight Lowery have?

Currently Drew Coleman is the team's "starting" nickelback. As you know, Coleman excels at blitzing from the corner position and in his first game had a sack and a forced fumble Lowery on the other hand I think will eventually be the team's starting free safety, allowing Dawan Landry to move back to strong. In the game against the Titans, Lowery saw a lot of playing time in some defensive sets that had the Jaguars playing with three safeties on the field and Lowery at free safety.