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The Runway: Five Questions With Big Cat Country, Part 3

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We continue with SB Nation's Jaguars blogger Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country. My third question is about whether the Jaguars will stick with the ground and pound approach of the first week.

The Jaguars played it close to the vest last week, running approximately on two-thirds of offensive snaps. Do you expect them to open it up more this week?

I think the Jaguars will have to open it up more this week. Running the ball 47 times and expecting to win in the modern NFL just doesn't work on a consistent basis anymore. Not only that, but playing so close to the vest puts you in a position to lose the game if everything doesn't go right. Against the Titans, because of a fluke 80-yard touchdown play, the Titans were in position and driving for what could have been the game winning field goal in the final minute of the game. The team knew they could out-physical the Titans on both sides of the ball, as the game mirrored the match up with the Titans last year. They won't be able to do that against the Jets defense however, that was 3rd against the run in 2010 and stifled the Cowboys rushing attack on Sunday. I would expect a much more balanced game plan this week.