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The Runway: Five Questions With Big Cat Country, Part 1

As we prepare for today's game, I had the chance to ask Alfie Crow, head man of SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguars blog, Big Cat Country, to answer five of my questions about his team. My first question revolves around the team's headling generating quarterback situation.

The national media seems to assume cutting David Garrard was purely a financial decision, but that is not the impression I get from people who follow the team. Can you elaborate?

Financials certainly played a small part in the release of David Garrard, but the move to start Luke McCown in his place was not financially motivated. McCown out played Garrard in the 2010 training camp and preseason, and Jack Del Rio admitted if McCown hadn't torn his ACL against the San Diego Chargers early in 2010 he probably would have started a few games. In 2011, McCown once again looked like the best QB in training camp and Del Rio decided, albeit late, that McCown gave him the best chance to win. Once that decision was made, cutting David Garrard became the financial decision. You can't pay a back up quarterback $8 million.